Courtney is an insightful, curious, and collaborative teacher. She encourages questions and observations from the lived experiences of her study participants. She is skilled at teaching from scripture so that people walk away reinvigorated. People experience her as being intelligent without being inaccessible. Contact Courtney here to have her design a class, teach a class, or lead Bible study.

Classes Courtney has developed and led

  • Mythbusting Millennials using the generational theory developed by Strauss and Howe

  • Fandom and the Future Church where she explores what fandom can teach the church about building community in the 21st century

  • a study of the seasons and holidays of the liturgical calendar

  • a session exploring what Frozen 2 can teach about dismantling racism

  • a session exploring how Lutheran theology equips people well to face systemic evil like racism, sexism, or queerphobia

  • for Advent, a study of the Trinity through the metaphors of mother, midwife, and child

  • a session providing perspectives and strategies for reconstruction and re-engagement when a sacred canon wounds or betrays

  • a study of the dynamics of privilege in America

  • Holy Spirit, Faith Formation, and "Care of Souls" exploring the research of How We Gather/Sacred Design Lab

  • studies of various books and scripture

Classes Courtney is interesting in developing

  • a session on Gen Z or other generations using the generational theory developed by Strauss and Howe

  • leading a class that reads a secular book sacredly while teaching spiritual practices (à la Harry Potter and the Sacred Text)

  • a Bible study on David during Lent

  • Using the roles of tax-collector and soldier/centurion in the gospels as a metaphor to interrogate whiteness within the church

  • anything that explores practicing a Christian faith in a post-Christendom era, with popular culture, and attending to day-to-day life.